INTRO: For the past two decades there has been a war raging, a bloodthirty and cutthroat war, not a war overseas but a war on the home front. Many people in the country are involved and they don’t even know it. That war is the war between Apple and Windows. These two companies have been going at it ever since they first got started and haven’t stopped since. Even when The founder of Apple  Steve Jobs passed away they were still going at it trying to make the best software, the best computers, the best tablet money could buy. Many do not know which one is better but that is why my partner Joe and I are here to let you know which one is worth your money and your time.


Spencer: Growing up I remember having a Windows computer. You all know what I am talking about, the really big, clunky looking computers that weighed like fifty pounds? Using that computer as a child I thought that it was the coolest thing ever. the classic Windows desktop had the start menu, task bar and the windows. Well in today’s technological world that OS (operating system) is a thing of the past. Windows new software, Windows 8 is probably one of the biggest changes ever to come out of Microsoft. It is clear that Windows is trying to leave the classic days behind and I am here to tell you that the future looks bright. Windows 8 is a touch friendly UI (user interface), that has a touch screen menu and is perfect for people that like that kind of capability. But for some users it just doesn’t work out many business professionals think it is awkward. The new OS was hard to use with a mouse and keyboard and many people voiced their concerns with the program. Well Microsoft took that into consideration and combined the classic with the future and designed something everybody can enjoy.

Joe:  Growing up everyone had a big, old PC that everyone in the house had to share usually downstairs in the basement somewhere.  Macs are a relatively new idea and have taken the computer software industry by storm.  Unlike Windows, Mac does not make drastic changes when it comes to their user interface, instead mac has new upgrades every year or so.  The Mac interface as the basic finder app (Application), the launch pad, and the app store.  Like Windows mac has a name for the different types of updates, hence the jump from windows 7, to windows 8.  The most recent OS for the mac that just became obsolete was called Mountain Lion.  Mountain Lion brought in the introduction of the notifications center, the messages app, and the automatic app updates.  A new OS that just came out about a month ago called Mavericks makes it possible for the Mac user to multi task with ease with the use of the Icloud Keychain instillation, and the ability to support multiple work spaces and work tabs.  For the simplicity of mulit tasking for the new Mac OS system, Mac wins in this category.


Spencer:  With the Mac Books steadily on the rise Windows needed to make some changes PRONTO! Which they did in the Windows 8 OS. Windows has worked very hard to make sure that their new OS can and will  work on all types of technological equipment ranging anywhere from tablets to phones to PC’s, this makes the versatility something that everybody wants and needs.  Lets be honest most people have an iPod or an iPad and have your ever tried to run an app or program on either and it wont let you? Windows 8 can work on low powered ARM (Advanced Risc Machines) and Intel’s atom chips to the beefed up Core i7’s. Which is the main supporter of the Mac Books, to turn that into something everybody understands it can run on any type of processor. That being said I feel that there is a clear winner here and that is Windows 8 due to the fact that they can run on just about everything.

Joe:  Over the years Mac has dominated when if has come to performance, however Windows may have started to give Mac a run for their money.  Windows has stepped up their game when it comes to performance, causing Mac to retaliate back.  Apple make all of its own hardware and is more ruthless when it comes to cutting off hardware support compared to Microsoft.  Only devices that run OS X 10.6 or above can upgrade to Mountain lion, which manes nothing released before 2007 can officially use the latest OS.  The forthcoming Mavericks release will be compatible with the same hardware.  Windows does have a bit of a upper hand when it comes to performance due to the ability of having anything run off of Windows, while Mac has a select few.  However when it comes to the battery life of the two OS’s Mac blows Windows out of the water.  In a recent Pro review an OS S battery life of 10 hours and 34 minutes, but when ran on a Windows software the battery life depreciated to a whomping 4 hours and 32 minutes, making Mac the obvious winner when it comes to battery life.


Spencer:  When I used my the Windows computer we had back in the day it always seemed like I was waiting for days on the Anti virus software to either run its programs or to download so that I could play a game that my parents deemed unworthy. My biggest problem with windows (and it pains me to say this) is the fact that the security is terrible if not taken care of correctly. Everybody knows that PC’s get hacked more often than Macs, When buying a PC make sure you install an anti virus software so you will be able to withstand a hit. The recommended program is the Microsoft Security Essentials. The MSE does three things: 1. it has a comprehensive protection that defends you from worms, Trojans, viruses, and other nasty bugs that may attack you. 2. It’s easy to get and easy to use, because its FREE 3. It’s quiet. The MSE runs smoothly, runs in the background and schedules a scan when you are more than likely to be idle. Also you see alerts when you need to take action.

Joe:  Unlike the windows the Mac does not have your waiting for days on the Anti virus software.  The Mac actually has an app. attached to it called the Mac Keeper, and its main function is to clean up your software from viruses, and unnecessary junk with ease.  There have been times where viruses have struck Macs, however it’s not all too common and it is way less than the number of virus hits Windows takes.  Compared to a Windows Anti virus cleaner you have to download the software, and that could take you anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour.  With the Mac it automatically cleans up your computer with the help of the Mac Keeper making security more efficient and less time consuming for you the user.  Once again, the Mac has out down its self and Windows as a whole.


Spencer: As the years went by Macs kept changing  and PC’s well they really haven’t . This is the one area where I wish PC hit hard. Everything looks the same. The design of the PC just doesn’t cut it. But one area that puts the PC on the map and above the Mac is the ability to be customized. When it come to a Mac being able to upgraded is darn near impossible, with a PC on the other hand you can swoop out just about anything you want from the hard drives to the graphics card. If the user wanted to build their very own PC from the ground up they could. I believe PC’s win this round.

Joe:  Although the PC is more customizable than the Mac is, the Mac has many factors that I believe make it a winner in this category.  The Mac integrated one of my most favorite features ever, called the touch pad.  The touch pad is one of the coolest features you can find in the Mac book pro series.  The touch pad gives you the ability to customize your touch with ease, for example; three fingers will change which tab you are looking at, and two fingers will work as a right click.  All these “touches” are interchangeable and really give the user an edge when it comes to simplicity.  However, unless you are Steve Jobs him self, building a Mac from the ground up is no easy task compared to a PC.


Spencer:  Going to buy a computer is stressful enough as it is but when you have to add in all the different companies that make PC’s it just makes it that much worse. That is another problem with PC’s is that there are so many options but those options can help you in the long run. you can go to a store and pick the company you like then turn around and buy all kinds of bells and whistles and different speeds and sizes. With Mac you have a pretty narrow search base that may not be what you are looking for. With the PC so many options are available you can not go wrong!!

Joe:  As Spencer said previously shopping for a computer is stressful enough, why have to worry about all the different types of models PC has to offer when you can have a much more refined search with quality you are looking for.  The mac is much more newer than the PC so yes, there is less of a choice when it comes to a mac, but the mac is so elegant and trustworthy that it doesn’t even matter.  I remember when I first went out shopping for a computer, the mac immediately caught my eye with it’s elegant design HD screen.  Since the Mac is fairly newish you can find one so much more easier than a PC now a days.  PC’s are less abundant and are in a fewer demand, thus causing the macs to fill up the shelves leaving the PC’s in the back of the store untouched, and unnoticed.



Spencer: I’m sorry Joe but we all know who the winner is here. The PC!. The low prices were the main reason we my parents always bought PC’s when I was a kid and even today. Lets say that you walk into Best Buy with five hundred dollars, you could walk out with a pretty nice PC or desktop. But if you walked into an Apple store with five hundred dollars you wouldn’t be able to buy a desktop or a PC. Maybe an iPad if you wanted one but you would still need at least another one hundred dollars to buy a Mac mini which is supposed to help transition PC users to Macs. Me personally? Save your money!

Joe:  I can’t argue about this topic with you Spencer this time.  The price for an apple product is absolutely ridiculous most of the time.  My Mac book pro that my parents bought for me before I went off to college cost damn near around $1200.  They could of bought me just of as useful of a PC for around $600, but I do believe that the Mac is pricde more than a PC for a reason.  The Mac is an all around better product, which is going to cost more in the long run.  I do agree that the prices are most of the time absolutely absurd, but Mac’s will always cost more than a PC due to their amazing abilities.  Also, a Mac is more destined to last longer and be more “bang for your buck”.  I hate to break it to yah Spencer!


Spencer: The future looks bright for the PC’s very bright. If the user has windows 8 then they are in luck because Microsoft wont be ending their mainstream support anytime soon. All the way to January of 2018, and their extended support wont run out till 2023. That means that you will be able to run Windows 8 as long as you want even though other OS have been brought to the stage. Apple will more than likely have Mountain Lion and Maverick for awhile also but but you can only upgrade if you have good hardware that costs money. Microsoft will continue to advance due to the fact that their machines are able to be maintained and supported for over a decade. As I said before the Future looks Bright and that shining light is Microsoft.

Joe:  I will agree with Spencer that Microsoft does have a brighter future in this constant battle as of right now, but only for the reason that Macs are damn near perfect already.  PCs have a lot they could still be improving on, and the minute that PC makes the move to finally better than a mac, mac will come out with something completely different that will blow the PC out of the water once again!  As much as Spencer hates to admit it, Mac will ALWAYS be one step ahead than Microsoft will.  Sorry to you as well Bill Gates!



The final verdict is that Microsoft is the winner.  Even though Joe did put in some valid and hard fought arguments, Spencer came out on top.  Apple OS X does have the better apps, security, and simplicity, but Windows  wins because it’s actually more useful for business, small traders, and creative people.  Even though the final verdict had Microsoft barely inching it’s way past Mac, the final argument should come down to the user preference.  People who are more into business, and more easy to understand technology should go with a PC, and people who are technologically savvy and like to edit videos, photos, and other types or artistic categories should go with the mac.


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